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Yes what it had incorporated into my life? Can anybody guess what it is all about.

Some one might have guessed luxury.. some one might have guessed a satisfaction or hope to live the life. After almost spending a whole year into this corporate…now when I turn back..I question like…Do I earn to live…or live to earn for the whole life. I am not getting the answer for this. Also I think like, did this question raised into my mind so soon…?

  1. I hear people talking about depression and their opinion about depressions were like
  2. It affects all of a sudden and you feel a pit in your stomach
  3. You feel like you don’t wanted to wake up or even open your eyes.
  4. You don’t want to meet people and talk. You will lock yourself and your connection with people.
  5. The things which made you happy before will make no sense when you are depressed.
  6. You will be afraid to tell others what states are you going through due to this depression.

I used to laugh out loud when I hear such things. I mean how can some one be like this much depressed yar…it can’t happen all of sudden. There might be some break up or they are down or fed up for some reason to be like this depressed .

“There will not be any main reason behind depression”, people say. But I had rather some other opinion on it. There might be reason behind depression was my point. So I totally didn’t believed the concept. And then it happened for me to read a book, which served the reason for my point.

WAKE UP LIFE IS CALLING by the famous author Preeti Shenoy. That book has changed my point of view about this depression.

“So why we are talking about this depression here man..!”, is your question. I come to the point in direct. Why people are falling back to this corporate. What making them think about luxury the moment they get a job there. What luxury can buy into your life. When you leave more things behind. After travelling for a year here, it feels like “IS THIS THE SAME ME ??


While searching answer for those questions I found out what the corporate world has incorporated into me.


NO !!!!!

Not fear. I know it is not about fear. YOUR TIME.

Yes this corporate world is stealing your time and in return you know what they giving back to you LUXURY???

One question for me to everyone…Do this luxury buy the emotion of yours???

Do this money buy who you are??

Do this money replace your place in your family?

But without doubt it will replace you in your work place…. Now we came to the point finally. If your answer was NO for the last three question then you have a good WORK-LIFE balance. If your answers were YES, dude then you are under serious threat.

Self analysis is always required to make you a better person every single day. So lets sit back and think whether you are seriously happy about what you been doing. If not dears, then we are all preys for this silent depression. Lets make sure that there will be no one telling that depression has no reasons….

For every problem there is a reason and there was also a SOLUTION. Lets try to find those reasons of our problems and mitigate those at least in the upcoming new year.

With Christmas approaching just around the corner, I wish everyone a happy christmas and a happiee new year. May this upcoming new year makes all your wishes comes true.

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Its been a week since I joined the job. Finally I got some nice time to have a cup of coffee. I was thinking to leave office soon, as I gotta buy some stuffs for my room, I composed a mail and dropped it to my manager. This corporate world is so organised and well composed, that we cannot go as it is saying hey I am leaving. I drafted mail with care and informed my teammates about my absence in prior and they all were okay. That’s why I liked my team the most. I have found a new friend here also. Her name was Anu Shanthini. She was three year senior to me and lead for the project which I belong to. She never allowed me to be alone in office. From giving me KT to sharing my lunch she was almost like a college friend whom we know already. She suggested the shops to buy my stuffs. She felt very bad for not accompanying me as she supposed to attend a client call.

After stepping out from my building I went to coffee shop and ordered a coffee. My phone rang. It is mom. After describing the whole thing what and all I did here as narrating like a story to her she hanged up the call saying TAKE CARE BETTA. MISS YOU. Yaar I am also missing her coffee right now.

My coffee arrived. I was remembering how my last visit in this shop was. The word I promised to Shesanth ringed into my ears again. I wished to meet him here. But he was nowhere to find. I don’t know why I wanted to wait there for some more time. May be he will show up my heart was pleasing to my brain But my brain was telling like “you was about t buy some stuffs don’t waste your time here just leave”. So I left after waiting some ten minutes and headed to the shop which was at the end of the street. I bought the stuffs and returning to my room and I felt as if some one chasing me from my back. I turned to look back and was surprised to see Shesanth. Yes he saw me on my way back and might have turned his bike I guess. He was shouting “Hey whatsuppp??”. I was just stunned to meet him like this. He giggled and got down from his bike saying “Hello madam…do u even remember me, the coffee shop , you forgot your bag, and you said I am your friend, and we promised to meet back if you…”. He was going on to brief everything like a child saying rhymes. My heart whispered to me TALK SOMETHING YOU IDIOT. I changed my face reaction as if I was not so pleased to meet him like this. So I answered, ‘whooo who yeahh I do remember”. “So you are working here?”, he jumped into the topic now.

“Yes its been a week I joined here”, I tried to hide my smirking. But I was smiling with all my face. “Oh God, you was here for a week and we got time now only to meet. Okay no problem. So Ms. Rithu, would you mind to have a cup of coffee with me??”, he was more direct now. I don’t know what to answer him. If I say no, it will not be that good. If I say yes I have to drink a second cup of coffee. I was thinking , then my bag slipping from my hand which he noticed soon and came closer to me and held it. “Hey careful, sorry I didn’t see you returning after a purchase. Tell me where you stay. I will help you out to carry those”, he told.

I raised my brow as questioning. He understood and replied keeping his face a funny as he can..”Hey I will walk with you. I never meant to give lift. Not at all rithu”. I too was smiling now. “Okay fine! “, I said it out loud. I don’t know from where this words came. But why I said like that. My brain was screwing me for accepting his help once for again. But I like it in other way. I don’t know whether Shesanth was also thinking the same way as I do. ” I am staying the building opposite to the coffee shop, so where you were going??”, I started conversing.

“Oh ! Thank you so much for reminding me rithu, actually I was on way to pick my father. We cannot go for a coffee I think. We can go there some other day. Are you okay with that??”,he asked keeping his face pleasing.

“Actually I was also about to say that only. I have to set my room, I am busy arranging things there. So we can plan coffee later. I have no problem”, I replied.

But I don’t know why I used the word busy though I am not that much busy. Meanwhile we reached to my PG. “So okay fine we can meet this weekend, same place same time Ms.Rithu !”, he smiled and left to take his bike.

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Sooper work miss.aneem
Waiting for the core part of the story
Yet only introduction are moving upto chapter 3


NOTE : please refer chapter I and II for continuity


The train reached to her new city with a big whistle sound. It was a 5 hour journey yet she haven’t feel asleep. From here on the story will move on in Rithania prespective.

I took my luggage and stood out from the train. The city welcomed me with its gusty wind. I was already excited about the thought that I am going to live here with full freedom. I can go shopping whenever I want and I can eat whatever I like. I don’t have to ask anyone before taking any decision as my mamma and papa let me all alone to face this new stage of life and now this climate of the city making me a josh to jump out with joy. But I can’t do so…as so many peoples are moving in…

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NOTE : please refer chapter I and II for continuity 


The train reached to her new city with a big whistle sound. It was a 5 hour journey yet she haven’t feel asleep. From here on the story will move on in Rithania prespective.

I took my luggage and stood out from the train. The city welcomed me with its gusty wind. I was already excited about the thought that I am going to live here with full freedom. I can go shopping whenever I want and I can eat whatever I like. I don’t have to ask anyone before taking any decision as my mamma and papa let me all alone to face this new stage of life and now this climate of the city making me a josh to jump out with joy. But I can’t do so…as so many peoples are moving in and out of the station and I am almost a GROWN OUT now.

The place I have to stay was 30 km from the station. As the accommodation place was close to the office building I was aware about the address. So I got into the auto and reached the place. The building was too tall with 8 storey not like the one I see in my town. My room number was supposed to be in fourth floor. According to the company they are accommodating the room for a pair of people which implicitly means I am going to meet a new friend. I was so excited about that fact. Because this is the first time I am gonna share my room with some one stranger.

After finishing the formalities and sharing the pleasantries with the receptionist, I was instructed to use the lift and to take left from there to find my room number. Two girls accompanied me in the lift, the girl standing next to me pressed button 4. She was not that much tall but taller and fairer than me. She tied her hair with a band and her dress I adored, such a elegant dress with purple color. I don’t know why but I was feeling a kind of , I know her before yaar. But she was a complete stranger to me. Secretly I was wishing that she should have to be my roommate, so that we can be friends. When four came I walked to left and she towards right but at that moment she turned back to me and smiled.

The room was occupied before I enter into it. I knocked the door, and waited for some 10 seconds then came the sound “Arey baba coming coming !” Then the door became wide open, a girl came outside and greeted me with a bear hug. When I finally found breathing after her squeeze all I could hear was, she was from Indonesia and her name was Sonia. I greeted back with a smile and even before I Introduce myself she snatched my bag from my hand and said “Welcome Home Baby “

I was taken aback with that and I was telling “I can take care of my belongings sonia, you need not to worry” as entering inyto the room. She was not hearing me. “By The Way what is your name ?”, she asked me after fitting my luggage into the cupboard. “Rithania from chennai”, I managed to smile as much I can. “Nice name Rithania have u been here before by any chance?”, she asked me. “No, last time I came is to attend the interview, I never got a chance to be here, also this is my first time staying out of home with a stranger”, I said. Sonia’s face drooped with the last word. Oh no I shouldn’t have said like that, mentioning her as stranger might made her to feel like this, I thought to myself and I said, “I am sorry for mentioning you a stranger”.

She smiled a bit and said “No issues my darling we get to know each other very well. We will be working together also. I am always like this only. Straight forward. So you need to think before talking to me. Both of us have came a long distance from our homes. We should create happiness not wait for it to happen then only we can feel this place as home. So chal abi unpack karo na teri bag, thekengi kya kya hei uski andhar“, she giggled with the last sentence.

I didn’t expected her to be so pleasing like this. I misjudged her with in a second, for which I felt bad later on. Both of us were unpacking the clothes. I liked the place and the tender air flowing through the window pane. I even forgot to check the room entirely with her much buzzing love. I was looking around the room. It has neat cots and the cupboards are very spacious and most importantly it has balcony. Yes I love this kind of place from childhood itself. We belong to one closed building. So whenever I caught sight of some one holding coffee mug in balcony I carve like why we not having balcony in our home. When I found it here, I just jumped with joy.

“OHOO ! We having balcony ah… I love it”, I shouted and jumped out of bed and reached the balcony. The view was so pleasant one. As there no much building closer it is a wide view till exent of the other dense green side. Sonia came along and said, “Isn’t it nice to see this view “.

“yes Ofcourse it is. I like this view. The building opposite na, is the same one where I had tradegy when I came for attending the interview, You don’t know na… what happend then ! I forgot my handbag at office building itself”, I told her.

Meanwhile I got hiccups suddenly. I thought to myself that, ” it is where I met him and gonna meet him soon…”

(Will continue).

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NOTE : please refer chapter I for continuity😃


A week later she got a mail stating that she got selected from the company and she required to join in three days.

Rithania was overwhelmed with joy. It was something which she never expected to happen. After reading the mail she shouted, “Maa maa come here,come here soon Maa , I have got the offer finally Maa”

Her mom came and read the mail but as least expected she doesn’t dropped any sense of excitement on her face. Rithania was constantly watching to find her mom to  blow up in rage but she was disappointed.

“What Mom you are not happy with these? It’s my dream Mom,to get placed on a job for which I am struggling so hard and now it’s happening but you are reacting nothing! After All, they wants me to join in couple of days Mom”,she said in moaning voice.

I know beta you got what you want but it seems like someone gonna go far from someone for me…apart from that I am happy for your success beta”, her mother said sarcastically.

Then only she was realizing,the truth behind her mom’s sadness. 

She smiled with her cheeks and said “then whom planned to get me married and send me away from home”.

“Arey you are relating which things for what you choti !”, her mother was also smiling now.

“Mom listen I am not leaving for forever right?? Don’t worry I am not so far. I will call u daily and show you some handsomest boys, whom you can accept as SON-IN-LAW. So don’t worry Mom. Wherever I am I will be your choti and if you show yours puppy face like this na.. I am seriously telling, I won’t leave anywhere and I won’t get married too. What say can we have a Deal? “and she laughed with the last sentence.

“What deal ?? Whom leaving where ?” ,her Dad was querying as he entered the home.

“Dad, one good news ! I got selected on the last interview I did and I am required to join in three days !”, she was almost screaming like a child.

“Wow, that’s really a good news, but how shall we arrange for accommodation there beta in three days? I will be busy you know right??”,asked her dad

“Dad, that’s not a problem. The company will be providing free accommodation if we opt and it’s for three month and I will manage to get a place in that time period.”, she said excitedly.

Look who is talking. Till yesterday you was telling ,Ba-baa bring me this, Ba-baa take me there, Ba-baa buy me this, Ba-baa drop me there and now look my own daughter doing her work on her own.”, he said at her mockingly.

“See Maa…atleast try to learn something from him. He doesn’t seems to feel sad for my departure.” rithania chuckled at her mom.

” Ok ok baas everyone into dinning table right now”,Rithania’s mother said.

The next day rithania was busy in packing her clothes and her essentials. None in the house talked with her about what happen to them after her departure. Her mother was well confined to hide her sorrows. Rithania thrown a get together party to her friends that evening so that she can have fun time with them as she have to leave and stay away from them. At least this is what she have thought to herself. She must be visiting her hometown after 3 months. 

Then came the day of her departure. Her train time is 10 AM.

“Bette sabh kuch lyeliya naah”, Rithanya’s mother was checking on her. The train is about to leave. Rithanya’s tears are about to well up when she saw her mother in tears. But the train had started to move fast.

There are so many thoughts running in Rithanya’s mind, new city new workplace, new friends. At the mean time the man who was sitting opposite to her was coughing. Suddenly she remained of the deal which she made with shesanth.

She had promised if she join the company she will be meeting him. But in the next second she told to herself that he doesn’t have any contact of her, so surely not gonna meet him. She smiled to herself and was looking out of the window with vague thoughts.

(Will Continue).



Hi everyone. I hope all of you having a splendid new year celebrations. Some by taking resolutions and some by breaking the rule of taking resolution 😬
so comment me which type you are and what resolutions do you guys took for this new year.

I am on the second type guys. so don’t worry. 😜

So I would like to share a small thoughts of mine which could make you gain a new thought on this upcoming year.☺️
It was a afternoon time when I was attending a training session for our placement drive.
wooh ohh don’t think I am here to share the things related training. It’s something different please continue reading till the end😁

The tutor was about to end her session while we had plenty of time to wind up. So she was interacting with us for a while ,and that little bit of talk had a lot of questions unanswered in my heart. This is what she talked with us….

“Darlings listen I will ask you some questions try to find answers whenever you can…
Do you think you parents don’t grow with you??
Do you know they too get old with you?
Did u ever thought of asking what they feel and what they want for them??
Did you ever asked them whether they had their food and had proper medicines?
Did you ever noticed now-a-days they are not that fit to work faster?
Did you noticed them taking rest while serving your needs?

If all your answers are NO for the rest of first two ,then darlings seriously you guys need to change. Think these are the same parents once who pampered you. These are the persons whom thought us what the world is…But now what we are doing ,we think we have captured the world in our hand through phone. But that’s virtual. we don’t even spend much time to ask them whether they are OK..but we are hanging out with our friends .Ironic reality right??
They too have longings health issue and feelings. Just because they are elders doesn’t mean they don’t need to express. It’s us who need to ask them. A simple ARE YOU OK MAA !
Can do that. So if you still have NO in your answers just change. And make everything YES.
There is nothing wrong in pampering your parents. If you don’t do then who gonna do. With every passing year you have a responsibility thrown up on you. Just try to fulfill it. I would be happy if I had change a single person thoughts about this. So think and change”

I am trying to answer those questions. I wish we everyone should try. I will also be happy if this piece of thoughts is a thought changer in your lives too.

Stay happy and make everyone smile.😀 smile is the only thing which is free of cost for beauty. So smile and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR again 😎

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Guitar Lessons At Re 1 Per Day – Inspiration from an Engineer turned guitarist

it’s really a great work. Art and talents enlarges only when you share them with others !


The story of SV Rao is really an inspiration for learning and sharing knowledge. S.V Rao who is affectionately known as ‘Guitar Rao’ among his students. The 55 year old Civil Engineer from Andhra Pradesh is teaching children how to play guitar for only a rupee a day. He worked at an MNC as a civil engineer and left his job in 2009. Being in depression for some time after gradually getting detached from his family he decided to learn music and enrolled in SV Music College. His tryst with music helped him reconnect with his family. Rao later moved to Delhi. Between 6 and 9 in the morning, Rao can be seen with his students on a pavement near Andhra Bhawan. Engineer-turned-teacher proudly tells the media that he has taught around a thousand children so far. Out of these, 160 students come to him regularly. His students even include a few Delhi police personnel whose…

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